Do I Qualify For A Habitat Partnership Home?
Our homeowner families are typically first-time homebuyers whose earnings are well below the area's median income. Still, Habitat homes are not given away. Homeowners contribute hours of "sweat equity" - their own labor - in the building on their house and other Habitat homes. They also attend home ownership classes and involve themselves in meaningful service to the community. They are fully invested partners in the building process.

Approved partner families must meet three requirements beyond the financial qualifications:

1. Have the ability to repay the mortgage (This is a no-interest, no-profit loan).
2. Have an established need for housing (This is they must be in substandard housing).
3. Have the willingness to partner (Sweat equity, personal investment, etc.).

Families in need of decent shelter must attend a Habitat 101 meeting where they can obtain an application to become a homeowner. Consult the "What's Going On (News and Events) page" on this website for the timing and place of the next Habitat 101 meeting.

Contact us at (850) 835-0067 for more information.